Mai Lev

Mai Lev is a singer-songwriter, producer, Composer and radio dj based in Tel-aviv.

As a doughter of two musicians she started Her music education very early and landed Her first gig at the age of eight.

She formed the punk band "Anomalia" and Later joined the successful acapella sixet "Carmel Acapella". 

In 2006 her electro trio "The Sweep" (with Itamar Eshpar and Assaf Dar)

Released their album "VoiceMail" with Phonokol Records. 

In 2008 she was signed as a solo artist in the Belgian label "OFF Records". 

Her first solo album "Birthday" (producer Nir Maimon) was released in 2009 Following tours in Israel and Belgium.

Since 2011 she's been hosting a weekly Radio show in "The Voice Of Peace Radio". 

In recent years Mai is focusing on writing And producing. 

Her biggest passion in life is -


Of course!